KTS Becomes a Bulletproof Preferred Installer

Your KTS mobile diesel repair team has become a Bulletproof preferred installer to solve your 6.0L Ford Power Stroke obstacles. If you own a Ford 6.0L, you may be experiencing engine issues. Engine failures are common in the 2003-2007 F-Series and 2003-current E-Series (equipped with the 6.0L Navistar/Power Stroke Diesel). These are frequently caused by design shortcomings in the oil cooling system. Failed EGR coolers are often due to a clogged oil cooler and excessive exhaust gas temperatures. By having a Bulletproof Diesel kit installed, you can circumvent the manufacture design flaws in the oil cooling system. The result is a 6.0L with restored power and reliability.

The KTS team has undergone extensive training through Bulletproof Diesel and is certified to install product kits. When you choose a Bulletproof preferred installer, you know you’re receiving the quality parts and warranty backed by Bulletproof Diesel. Call us today for additional information and pricing.


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